Will Study Abroad 2021 Happen? Are Study Abroad Programs Cancelled?

Mar 16, 2021    0

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Dear Reader, this article is for you if you…

  • are interested to study abroad this and next year
  • are experiencing visa challenges in the German embassy due to COVID19
  • have postponed your study in Europe plans to 2021 and 2022
  • have changed the location to study abroad to a more affordable option
  • an option in a different country (which embassy is open in your country)
  • a country where the visa is given easier than the previous choice
  • a country where no blocked account/IELTS is required

No worries - Do not cancel your plan, find an alternative route or study online & hybrid mode until your visa is ready! Now you can also choose the countries, which are already open to overseas students!

New Highly-Ranked Universities To Study Abroad At

Study Abroad In Germany - Where?


  1. Berlin Int. University of Applied Sciences
  2. ESCP Business School
  3. KLU - Kühne Logistics University
  4. Lancaster University Leipzig
  6. Arden University Berlin
  7. BU - Brand University of Applied Sciences
  8. BSBI - Berlin School of Business & Innovation
  9. EBS Universität
  10. GISMA Business School
  11. HHL Leipzig
  12. HSBA - Hamburg School of Business Administration
  13. ISM - International School of Management
  14. IUBH - International University of Applied Sciences
  15. Jacobs University Bremen
  16. Macromedia University of Applied Sciences
  17. MBS - Munich Business School
  18. NEC - New European College
  19. Schiller International University
  20. SRH Hochschule Berlin
  21. SRH Hochschule Hamburg
  22. SRH Hochschule Hamm
  23. SRH Hochschule Heidelberg
  24. SRH Hotel Akademie Dresden
  25. Touro College Berlin
  26. UE - University of Applied Sciences Europe

Study Abroad In Europe - Where?


  1. HAN University Of Applied Sciences
  2. Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences


  1. HULT International Business School


  1. KdG University of Applied Sciences and Arts
  2. Vesalius College Brussels


  1. Murdoch University Dubai

Czech Republic

  1. University of New York in Prague


  1. Webster University Vienna

see full list here - https://www.yanaimmis.com/partner-institutions