8 ways to celebrate the 74th Republic Day for Indian Students studying abroad!

Feb 27, 2023    0

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It is a chilly morning in winter. Our parents wake us up in the morning to see the republic day parade as it marches eminently toward India Gate as DD National is being streamed in our homes. Then, after getting ready, we hurried to the school to take part in the march past while carrying our country's flag and taking in the activities going on there. Without the proud sense of fastening the flag or the emblem to our uniform, our sentimental recollections would be lacking. Without dessert and chocolate, Republic day or Independence day celebrations would not be complete.

 74th Republic Day

To commemorate the date of the adoption of the Indian constitution, which gave India its unique identity as the largest democracy in the world, wehonour Republic Day every year on January 26. Let's take a moment as India prepares to celebrate its 74th Republic Day to reflect on how far the Indian constitution's vision has been realised, how far we still have to go, and how citizens may work together to advance the country.

On January 26, 1950, India's constitution was ratified, marking the beginning of the nation's republican era. The day is commemorated with tremendous military and cultural splendour each year. Armed forces members display their military prowess in New Delhi by marching down the Kartavya trail. Everything else taking place around the nation on this auspicious day is eclipsed by the magnificent performance on Kartavya Path.

The festivities are hosted in the nation's capital, New Delhi, starting at Raisina Hill near the Rashtrapati Bhavan (President's House), moving along the Kartavya road via India Gate, and ending at the famed Red Fort.

But have you ever thought that the times when we might honour our country and make those memories linger in our thoughts as pleasant ones are long gone? With the time-consuming days of higher study, we might have missed this opportunity someplace. However, it's never too late to get back on schedule for the celebrations of India's Republic Day!

We must attend the Republic Day celebrations, especially because we are a small community while you are studying overseas. Here are some creative ways to remember your school's Republic Day extravaganzas with other Indian students, however in a somewhat different way.


While studying abroad, there are 8 ways to celebrate the Indian Republic Day.

1) Watch the Republic Day Parade live streaming online.

2) Set up a small gathering and raise the flag of the country.

3) Listen to the Indian President's speech.

4) Grab some popcorn and watch some patriotic movies online.

5) Review your favourite moment from the Republic Day events at school.

6) Add your creative flair to the festivities!

7) Organizing Quiz Competition.

8) Distributing Sweets & Snacks.


1. Watch the Republic Day Parade live streaming online.

Tune into any Indian news channel to see the parade streamed live. Every national broadcaster primarily broadcasts the parade, which you may view on their website or YouTube channel. Each flamboyant and colourful parade honours the history of each state and union territory in India. In a nutshell, it is a vibrant fusion of cultures from all around India!



2. Set up a small gathering and raise the flag of the country.

Get to know the other Indian students on your campus and plan a little celebration for Indian Republic Day. Don't forget to hoist the flag, which is a crucial component of the gathering. Events that highlight everyone's talents can be included to spice up the festival.



3. Listen to the Indian President's speech.

Our Indian president addresses the nation's inhabitants in a speech on every republic day. Every Indian ambassador abroad broadcasts or issues a message for the people residing in that nation. You can therefore take your time while listening to his speech and greetings to the country.



4. Gather some popcorn and watch some patriotic movies online!

It's time to binge-watch a few box office successes that have been adored and praised by audiences everywhere. So here are a few I can list out! Enjoy Rang De Basanti, Lagaan, and ARR's music while learning about or revisiting the life of our Mahatma in the Oscar-winning film Gandhi. Additionally, keep an eye out for the suspenseful action-thrillers Shershaah and Raazi, A Man's Life in Swadesh, and raunchy sports films like Dangal and Chak De India! Let's add a little film flair to the celebrations of India's republic day!



5. Recall your favourite moment from the Republic Day events at school.

What could be more special on this day than thinking back to our schooldays? Therefore, get down with your pals and engage in a nice discussion on how you used to observe Indian Republic or Independence Day in school. These subjects gradually develop into an open discussion. Maybe this may open up opportunities for new friendships and connections! Getting to know each other helps us feel at home while studying abroad!



6. Add your creative flair to the festivities!

Create artwork with a republic day theme, stage a dance or music performance, or even write a theatre script based on noteworthy events surrounding the holiday to make the Indian republic day celebrations in your bubble more enjoyable.



7. Organizing Quiz Competition.

Host a quiz contest to mimic the effect of a trivia game. This is a fantastic Republic Day engagement activity to increase other people's understanding of the Day. Make sure you give your friends adequate time to get ready. Offer tempting gifts, such as a gift card or a tricolour sweets, to get your people to expect the same. Avoid making the questions excessively challenging because this may have an influence on your friends 'involvement.




8. Distributing Sweets & Snacks. 

Another method to mark the event is by giving out confectionery. Give the friends & family a few simplest yet delectable recipes to prepare so they may make it more memorable. They have the chance to practise teamwork while celebrating Republic Day with one another.


So, you're ready for the festivities? A happy Republic Day to you all! Let the freedom in our hearts and the pride in our brains soar over the world with colour! Do not let limitations prevent you from pursuing your educational and professional goals!