Affordable Universities in Canada

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A popular student destination for quality education? Canada is the answer. The lifestyle, best universities, and world-class cities in the country are an attraction for many. While studying abroad is sought after, the cost that one has to incur acts as a deterrent. Canada has some options that can help you get the kind of education you seek affordably. To help you with this, we have listed some of the choicest affordable universities in Canada. Scroll on to acquaint yourself. 


List of Affordable Canadian Universities for Undergraduate Courses


While the cost of these universities might seem reasonable. First, it is advisable to do thorough research about every aspect that comes into play - Cost of living, other expenses, etc. 


Université de Saint-Boniface: A french language institution, Université de Saint-Boniface is associated with the University of Manitoba. 


Bachelor Degree tuition fee range from $4,600 - $5,900


University of Guelph: This university is known to educate students in diverse streams ranging from environmental studies to veterinary medicine. 


Bachelor Degree tuition fee range from $7,221.73 - $10,510.55


Brandon University: Brandon offers multiple programs that qualify students to get admitted into a professional program.


Bachelor Degree tuition fee range from $3,655 - $3,735


List of Affordable Canadian Universities for Postgraduate Courses


Calling out to all the international students, here is a list you need to refer to immediately. 


Memorial University of Newfoundland: Also called MUN or Memorial University, this university has campuses in certain Canadian provinces. It is the only university in Newfoundland and Labrador and not to mention, it is cost-effective. 


Tuition fees are about $9,666 (Varies from course to course) 


University of Saskatchewan: Often this is the first choice for international students looking to pursue higher education at affordable prices in Canada. The fee structure for various MS programs is as follows: 


Master of Science - Finance $ 3,950.00

Master of Science - Marketing $ 3,950.00

Master of Arts in Economics Co-op - $ 790.00

Masters and Ph.D. - Environment & Sustainability - $ 2,580.14


The aforementioned are some of the ideal universities you can consider to study in Canada. We wish you the best of luck on this journey. Besides, Remitout is always here to support your money transfer needs.


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