Estimated Expenditure for Germany!

Mar 22, 2021    0

List of stage where you need money-

language Course and Exam (English/German)

Documentation and Application cost (Uni/course)

Block Account

Visa Application Cost

Personal items (Clothes etc)


Carry cash

Language course / Exam

English Language

IELTS exam fees is 14,000

IELTS preparation class


German Language

Exam fees is around $7,000 for A1 level at Goethe.

A1 and A2 costs around 325,000 in Goethe institute.

At other coaching center cost around 15,000 per level.

Check website of 'Goethe' for detail pricing


Documentation and Application cost

Xerox Copy and Attestation of all documents

(31 to 35 per page depends on advocate)

(Free at German consulate up to two set)


Application Cost

(Uni-assist: First application 75 Euro, Second 35 euro onwards)

(Direct application: Free or depend on university)


Send post to Germany

(Depends on Courier service provider: 500 to 2000 rupees)


Blocked Account


853 Per Month: 853 * 12 = 10236

10,236 Euro

8.18 lakh 

Account opening charge 150 Euro (12,000F)

Buffer amount 100 Euro

Block Account is Not an Expense. This amount will be in our bank.

We can use it later in Germany

Visa Application Fee – 7000 Rs (Check on German consulate website for updated charges)


Visa Stamping

Travel Insurance (Rs 3000)


One-way prices are around 25,000

Cost to reach airport and railway station (reservation)

Personal Requirement

Clothes and accessories

Travel bag or any personal items


Carry cash / Forex Card

1500 - 2000 Euro

For Mandatory/emergency purchase (train/metro ticket)

Deposit and first month rent for accommodation

First semester contribution fees at university

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