Everything International Students Need to Know About Travelling to Canada

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Having doubts about traveling to Canada? We have answers to most of your queries. Here are the answers to FAQs by most international students traveling to Canada. Read on to find updated data about study permits and travel restrictions. 


To begin with, for students who have been issued a visa, eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) please note that IRCC has suggested that you shouldn’t travel four weeks prior to the commencement of classes. The boarding requirements differ from airline to airline. Please consult your airline before booking. 




If I have an approved study permit approval, will online classes from home be counted as my PGWP eligible time? 


Yes, IRCC has stated that all courses studied outside of Canada before December 31, 2021, can count toward PGWP. 


2. I applied for my study permit as per the May 15th deadline, and am waiting for approval. When can I expect the same? 


IRCC will ideally be processing study permit applications received before May 15th in time for fall classes. If you submitted your application after the due date, you may not receive a decision on your application until later in the Fall 2021 semester. 


3. Do I need to do a Covid test before traveling? 


Yes, as of January 6, 2021, the Canadian Government has stated that all international travelers arriving in Canada to showcase proof of a negative Covid-19 molecular test. You can check this link for details. 


4. If I haven’t received my approved study permit for the classes in Fall 2021, what can I do?


If you don’t receive your study permit approval by the beginning of classes you can consider the following:  

1) Start studying online and join your classes in Canada once you receive the approval.

2) Defer to the next intake. To enquire about a deferral please get in touch with the Admissions department for your program. 


5. If I study online for Fall 2021 and my study permit application is refused afterward, will I be eligible for a refund of my tuition?  


Refunds are issued in compliance with the policies and norms of your college. 


6. I am presently in Canada, can I go back to my country and pursue my studies from there? 


IRCC has provided no direction regarding students going back to their home countries. Online classes are approved till 21st December 2021 for students who cannot travel to Canada. 


7. Do I need to study from my country, even with an approved study permit and a travel document? 


If you have a valid travel document and make the necessary arrangements as per the provincial and federal guidance, you can still travel to Canada. 


8. Do I need to show proof of vaccination to enter Canada? 


To date, there aren’t vaccination requirements to enter Canada. People who are entering Canada have to follow quarantine requirements even if they are fully or partially vaccinated. These rules may change, so please keep checking for updates.


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