PG Diploma VS Masters in Canada

Sep 29, 2021    0


Graduates aspiring to study in Canada come across two options - PG Diploma and Masters. Both of them have their perks. Although students often wonder, which of these two options are better? What will be more beneficial? What is the better option for me? So this blog clarifies it all. It distinguishes between PG Diploma VS Masters to help you choose wisely. 


PG Diploma in Canada: Colleges in Canada offer PG Diplomas. They help you specialise in one area. That can help gain employment. It can also be your pathway to Masters. To complete the diploma, students have to earn several credits. PG Diplomas in Canada can be 1 or 2 years long. If you do it for a year, you can stay back in Canada for a year, and if you do it for two years, you can stay back for up to three years. That is one of the reasons why students choose two years. The tuition fees for PG Diploma is generally lesser, but this is not always true for 2-year courses. 


Masters in Canada: Universities in Canada offer Masters programs. There are two types of Masters Degrees: 

Course-based: Helps specialise in a subject that helps gain employment. 

Thesis-based: This is the path that leads to PhD in Canada. 

Masters are universally recognized as compared to PG Diploma. The duration for a Masters Degree in Canada ranges from 1.5 to 2 years. Students can stay for 3 years in the country after their master's program. Employability is better for Masters students. Tuition fees are generally more than PG Diploma, but this is not always true. 


That was all about PG Diploma and Masters. Which one you want to choose depends on your goals. If you are looking for short-term study and employment, PG Diploma can work for you. In case you are looking for a prestigious degree that helps gain employment, then a master's is your answer. 


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