Transferring Money to USA From India

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Transferring Money to USA From India

In this interconnected world, the need for transferring money to the USA from India has become a common occurrence. Parents living in India often find themselves in situations where they need to send money to the USA, whether it's to support their kids’ education, basic needs, or for any emergencies.

The key is to find reliable and convenient methods that ensure a smooth transfer process. 

International money transfer, or remittance, has become integral to our lives as students studying abroad. Whether it's sending money to these students or gifting them some amount during special occasions, this process has become an essential lifeline that keeps us connected and enables us to contribute to the well-being of our loved ones from afar.

Different types of options are available for transferring money to USA from India. If you are a parent, you can achieve it quickly with the help of:

Wire Transfers: 

Wire transfers are a viable option for transferring money to USA from India. This method involves initiating a transfer through your bank, which then facilitates the transaction. While wire transfers may incur higher fees compared to online services, they offer a reliable and secure way to send larger amounts of money.


PayPal is a widely recognized online payment system that enables users to send and receive money internationally. With PayPal, you can link your Indian bank account to transfer funds to a US-based PayPal account, which can then be withdrawn to a US bank account. Keep in mind that PayPal charges fees for international transactions.

Foreign Currency Demand Drafts: 

Foreign currency demand drafts are another method for transferring money to USA from India. You can obtain a demand draft from your Indian bank in US dollars, which can be sent to the recipient in the USA via courier or mail. The recipient can then deposit the draft into their US bank account.


Our services are now popular among many parents and guardians. We have the best speed, convenience, and competitive exchange rates. We offer secure and efficient transfers, allowing you to send money directly to a US bank account from India.

While transferring money to USA from India, some factors should be taken care of:

Scammers within the same country may find out the minute details and plan to take advantage of your negligence.

Incorrect payment details may lead to transfer failure or money transfer to someone else. 

Different time zones need to be taken care of while transferring money internationally.

If you are a parent, choose a suitable method for yourself and double-check the details before sending funds to your kids.


If you are looking for a reliable way for transferring money to USA from India, please check what Remitout offers. You can visit to learn about safe methods for students to transfer money from the USA to India.

Make your money transfer experience hassle-free by relying on trusted, reputable services like Remitout.

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